The Categories

For 2019 choose from 24 categories to enter and one category, into which all the winners will be entered automatically - Overall Winner.

We made a few changes to the categories having considered feedback from our finalists and judges, changes in business and entry patterns over the last few years. We were helped in reviewing the categories by our Chairman, Ian Golding CCXP and Ben Phillips, Global Head of Customer Experience, Neilsen.

Customers at the Heart of everything was such a popular category last year, we decided to add Employees at the Heart of Everything and changed Employee Engagement to the ever more popular Employee Experience category. We also added Hospitality & Leisure, Retail and Professional Services categories. Because of the cross-sector nature of the awards, we are hoping more sectors now see the opportunity to compare best practice in other sectors to make even greater advances in their customer experience!

Organisations who have implemented an initiative that drives cultural change to achieve extraordinary CX. Entrants will need to demonstrate a view of organisational culture and how it is effectively changed.
Initiatives using insight and feedback systems techniques or tools, to understand new opportunities to improve the customer experience and deliver business benefits.
Initiatives which are undertaken by organisations to place employees and customers at the heart of everything they do.
Large scale organisational change involving, people, products or services, technology and often including relocation. Change programmes which have required an organisation to undergo significant change to transform the customer experience.
There are many types of product or service development. Specific techniques are used by professionals to identify customer opportunities to extend product or service cycle time or create new products. Anticipating customer needs has often been the source of significant new revenue streams in businesses.
Use of technology to deliver new services, faster, better or bigger, possibly freeing up human resources to deliver extra value to customers.
The judges will be looking for CX training which has as its desired learning outcome, a positive impact on CX and business results.
For B2B organisations which have been focused on improving the experience their customers have of doing business with them. Entrants to this category are companies who help other businesses to operate and grow.
For contact centres with 100 employees or less who help organisations manage their customer experience through various channels including, but not limited to, telephone, e-mail, newsletters, face to face interactions, or increasingly social platforms and online chat.
Contact centres in excess of 100 employees that are used by organisations to manage their customer contact successfully. Whether this through telephone, e-mail, newsletters, face to face interactions, or increasingly social platforms and online chat.
Money managing companies, credit unions, banks, insurance companies, credit-card companies, accountancies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds
Organisations who provide a service or maintain infrastructure, water supply companies, weirs, sewage, electricity.
Voice or data transmission service initiatives. The transmission service can be provided by wire, radio, optical or electromagnetic systems….wooo!
The ultimate dream work is team work! Teams who have demonstrated outstanding commitment, application, passion and focus, and have made an exceptional contribution to their organisation’s customer experience.

Overall winner

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score out of all the finalists, using the scores awarded by the judges. 50% of the score is for the online submission and 50% for the live presentation.

The overall winner will be awarded at the end of the awards ceremony on the evening of the 10th October 2019, at Wembley.

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