Meet The Judges

Sandra Thompson

Sandra is the first Goleman Emotional Intelligence coach in the UK and she is the founding director of the Ei Evolution, a customer and employee experience consultancy that blends neuroscience, psychology and behavioural science with the development of practical CX & EX skills.

Sandra lectures part time for Pearson Business School on topics like People Management and Leadership, Principles of Business and Customer Experience. She believes that emotional intelligence is the key to memorable and meaningful customer experiences and she trains, coaches as well as consults in this area.

In 2020 Sandra wrote her first academic paper, gave her first TEDx, the following year she hosted the Ei Evolution Summit with special guests including Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett. Sandra runs the Applied Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence course and she's launching an HR course with a difference in Sept 2022!

Ei Evolution