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Meet The Judges

Rob Ettridge

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah Louise Cox

Practice Lead – Executive Search

Michelle Ansell

Managing Partner

Hina Sharma

Senior Engagement & Internal Comms Manager - Europe

Homayoun Dayani-Fard


Olga Wormald

Managing Director

Catherine Lindsay

Head of Customer Experience

Christina Dolding

Head of Customer Experience

Jamie Thorpe

Head of Experience Management

Kate Lincoln

Operations Director

Lollie Tuckey

Business Coach and Director

Victoria Orr

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Alex Russell-Rutherford

Customer Experience Manager

Anna Chapman

Head of Retail and Trade Sales

Daniel Curzon

Customer Experience & Change Director

Jane Kennedy

Executive Coach, People strategy advisor, NED and Trustee

Abdou Fahd

Head of Product Delivery

Claire Hill

Customer Experience Director

Gurol Kurt

Co-founder and CEO

Joe Marshall

Managing Director , Customer Experience

Lama Shanti

Digitization and Customer experience head of department

Lynzi Harrison

Customer Experience Director

Paul Kavanagh

MD, Customer Experience & Insight

Ana Iorga

CEO and Chief Neuroscientist

Iain O’Connor

Senior Manager – Customer Experience & Insight

Ian Thomas

Operations Director

Christopher Colley

Principal, Customer Experience (VP) – Europe, Middle East and Africa

Nicole Holt

Research Director

Sonya Homewood

Founder and MD