Awards Categories

This year's CXA® has 22 categories, each celebrating a particular aspect of CX excellence. Scroll through the page and decide which ones work best for you!

We've divided the categories into three main sections:

  • CX Classics - celebrating the key elements of a world-class CX strategy
  • CX Spotlights - recognising particular industries and practices that are shaping the CX future
  • CX Professionals - honouring individuals and teams who are essential for CX success

These categories are aligned with the categories for the International CXA®, our global celebration of CX excellence. Finalists at these awards are automatically shortlisted for ICXA, so there's an extra reason to apply!

And remember: the more categories you enter, the more you save. There are particularly good savings if you enter 3 categories or more.

CX Classics

Customers at the Heart of Everything™

This is one of our most popular categories, and with good reason! If an organisation really wants to excel at CX, the customer must be central to every company decision. Are your customers at the heart of what you do? How do you show that you cherish them? Show us and join the awards finalists!

Best Customer Experience in the Crisis

This award is for companies that have maintained and enhanced their customer experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you've managed to delight your customers during these uncertain times, share your achievements with the judging panel!

Best Customer-Centric Culture

A strong company culture is the foundation of a great CX strategy; after all, the way employees treat each other is reflected in relationships with customers. This category is reserved for companies who can prove their culture puts customer outcomes first.

Best B2B Customer Experience

This award is for companies operating in a B2B market who provide a truly outstanding customer experience. Show us how you have created a winning strategy for achieving the best B2B results.

Best Customer Service

Do you provide exceptional assistance for customers across all touchpoints? Outstanding customer service makes customers feel cherished and respected - and makes them want to buy! This category celebrates organisations who serve their customers the best. Let's hear about your results!

Best Use of Customer Insights & Feedback

In order to grow, you have to be in tune with your customers. With an impressive array of digital tools now available, organisations can obtain more granular insights than ever before. Show us how you have approached this invaluable aspect of CX and enter the race for this award!

Business Change and Transformation

The last two years have shown us the importance of adaptation - making necessary changes and bringing about business transformation. What actions have you taken to change/transform your business? Present your results and get in the race for an award in this category!

Best Customer Experience Strategy

Planning is crucial to CX success. This category recognises companies with a 360-degree approach to customer experience: those who've left no stone unturned to devise a comprehensive customer experience strategy. If this sounds like you, get involved with this category!

Best Use of Technology

Digital tools allow CX practitioners to coordinate their activities, monitor customer sentiment and execute on CX strategies like never before. If your organisation has made innovative use of new and existing technologies, we'd love to hear your story in this category!

Best Employee-Driven CX

In recent years, we've seen organisations achieve tremendous results by giving their employees greater autonomy and flexibility, allowing them to deal with frontline issues in a speedy and satisfactory manner. How does your organisation empower employees to unlock exceptional customer outcomes? Get involved in this category and share your story!

Best Innovation in CX

Innovation takes many forms (organisational changes, adoption of new technologies and individual inspiration are just a few) - and it helps you stay ahead of the curve. What innovative qualities has your organisation demonstrated in recent times? Enter the race for this award and tell the judges all about it!

Best Measurement in Customer Experience

To ensure your CX efforts are working, you have to measure your activities effectively. Have you excelled in this area? What methods are you using? This category is reserved for organisations that collect appropriate and useful data that drives CX performance to new heights. Show us how it's done!

CX Spotlights

Vulnerability/Health and Wellbeing in CX

The pandemic has reminded everyone of the importance of health and wellbeing, and also the need to help the most vulnerable in our society. This award is for an organisation that can show its commitment to either - or both - of these issues, and can demonstrate how their CX strategy is truly inclusive.

Best Digital Transformation

Transitioning to digital is a business imperative in today's world - but it takes serious effort. This is a category for anyone who's completed an effective digital tranformation, and who has the results to prove it!

Financial Services

This category is reserved for financial institutions (banks, insurers, wealth management services etc.) who have gone above and beyond to deliver for their customers. Show the world how you've achieved remarkable CX results!

Best Learning and Development

Customer experience is a continuous process of improvement; resting on your laurels isn't an option! This category is for organisations who ensure their people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-changing CX landscape.

Best Contact Centre

Contact centres are central to a successful CX operation - whether through text, voice or other means, they're a vital source of frontline communication with your customers. This award is for organisations that can demonstrate how the success of their contact centre has contributed to their overall commercial success.

Best Outsourcing

Moving business operations to different locations is often a great move - but how much has it helped your business? In this category, the judges will be looking for evidence of how your outsourcing has allowed you to improve the customer experience - and achieve better business results.

Best CX in Health Services

Healthcare has been vitally important during the pandemic - that's why we're introducing a new category specifically recognising achievements in this area. The judges want to see how you've been using CX principles to deliver outstanding results for patients, users or customers of your health service - show them what you're made of!

Best Customer Experience for SMEs

SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy- CX achievements in this domain need to be recognised! This award is for companies with a turnover below £25 million, or fewer than 250 employees, that work tirelessly to ensure customers have an outstanding experience.

Most Improved CX

It's never too late to begin your CX journey! This award is for an organisation that has drastically improved its customer experience in a short space of time, delighting their customers in the process.

Most Improved Complaint Handling

Complaint handling is a key part of CX - it has the power to turn a frown upside down! This category recognises organisations that have revolutionised their complaints management operations, achieving results that few thought possible. If you've achieved incredible results in this area, this is the award for you!

Best Complaint Handling

Today's top organisations run highly sophisticated complaint handling operations, directing customers to the appropriate help and resolving their issues as quickly and effectively as possible. This category is for those who can prove their complaint handling is top class - get involved today!

CX Professionals

CX Team of the Year

Customer experience very often involves intricate processes, and numerous touchpoints along the way, which is why it’s important to have a good CX team to back you up. With a good team on board, an organisation is ready to face the hardest of challenges and surpass them. Show us why your team deserves to be recognised as the CX Team of the Year.

CX Leader of the Year

Good CX results come from having good teams, but behind every good team there's an amazing CX leader, inspiring everyone to get better and reach new heights. Who do you think is the best CX leader within your organisation? Show us their results and explain why they should win an award for the CX Leader of the Year. See you at the awards!

Woman CX Professional of the Year

This award is for a female CX professional that has achieved outstanding results in the last year, setting an incredible example for others to follow. Show us your results and get involved in this category!