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Each of the UK CXA™ categories offers the opportunity to tell a story of CX transformation.

Several awards focus on how businesses have evolved to face the most challenging crisis in recent history - the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, each category represents a channel to highlight your achievements and offers the chance to earn the ultimate accolade in CX.

Customers at the heart of everything™

Keeping customer front and centre of everything you do is a vital part of any CX strategy. During the pandemic, business has been under so much pressure to react and fast, that it has been especially hard to always focus on customers' needs. Those who have succeeded, surely will covet the recognition provided by this award in 2021.

Customer Experience in the Crisis 

Covid-19 has led to untold challenges for businesses in order to merely ensure their own survival. However/ customers need good CX now more than ever/ and here we will reward organisations that have taken the opportunity to exceed customers' expectations in new and better ways.

Customer-Centric Culture

As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. Creating a customer centric culture means developing wonderful leadership, understanding and planning. Only this way, businesses can capture the hearts and minds of everyone in the organisation and deliver a superior customer experience.

Employee Experience in the Crisis

The pandemic has challenged businesses to find new ways to provide a great employee experience. Many have listened and focused on improving the lives of their staff working from home or from transformed business settings in this time of uncertainty.

Best Use of Insight and Feedback

Using feedback to improve CX is not only smart - but vital, for customer-focused organisations. In this category, we will recognise and reward best practice in this discipline.

B2B Customer Experience

B2B organisations serve businesses with very diverse customer needs. This category rewards businesses ensuring outstanding CX is at the heart of their B2B service.

Customer Experience for SMEs

A successful CX approach is fundamental for the growth of any SME, and these organisations need specific skills in adapting their service to provide it. Here we recognise the best CX initiatives for smaller businesses.

Digital Transformation

This category rewards companies that have enjoyed dramatic benefits through digital transformation/ including employment and customer retention.

Business Change and Transformation

Becoming customer-centric requires dedication to new business practices. In this category, organisations which have transformed to better serve the needs of their customers will be rewarded for their strategies.


This category rewards best practice towards improving CX by outsourcing. Tell your organisation’s success story here to impress judges and secure awards success.

Contact Centre - Large

The best customer experience initiatives for larger contact centres will compete in this category.

Contact Centre - Small

This category will reward successful CX initiatives for handling customer requests in smaller contact centre operations.

Financial Services

This award is for money-managing companies that have enhanced their customer experience, including credit unions, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, accountancies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages and investment funds.

Best Use of Technology

Technology offers a multitude of CX advantages, but how it’s used can make the difference between success and failure. This category rewards organisations wielding tech in a way that most improves the overall customer experience.

Best Customer Service

Great CX starts with great customer service features and a team dedicated to making them work. Here we reward the best in UK customer service.

Learning and Development

During the pandemic, organisations have recognised the need to continue to provide L&D. In some cases, they have had to retrain whole armies of employees, perhaps to move from the high street to the virtual contact centre. This had led to wonderful innovations in online training, learning and development.

Diversity and Inclusion

A truly successful customer-centric organisation ensures that customers from all backgrounds and abilities are catered to equally. This award celebrates those businesses showing innovation and improving opportunities related to age/ disability/ gender reassignment/ marriage and civil partnership/ pregnancy and maternity/ race/ religion or belief/ sex/ and sexual orientation.


More and more organisations recognise that customers with specific needs fall into categories previously not recognised. Elderly customers, or customers with physical or mental issues or with non-visible needs, are now recognised alongside those whose needs may have been more obvious. For CX to be powerful, organisations need to bring the needs of these customers into the design and implementation of their processes. This category recognises excellence in this area.

Health and Wellbeing - Customers and Employees

Organisations with the wellbeing of both their key assets - staff and customers - in mind will compete in this category.

CX in the Community

Connecting with and strengthening local communities can greatly enhance customer experience for organisations. During Covid, many organisations have implemented initiatives to help alleviate suffering and support front line services in their communities. Initiatives that show innovation and success in doing so will be on display here.

CX Team of the Year

A commitment to customer experience requires teamwork. This highly coveted award will be presented to the team showing the greatest dedication to working together and achieving the highest level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

CX Professional of the Year

This award is one of the most significant to be granted at the UKCXA®. This is a platform to celebrate individual excellence within the CX sector. Many of the winners in this category have gone on to become renowned CX Stars. Previous winners include Clare Muscutt, Ian Golding and Manuela Pifani.

CX Leader of the Year

Ensuring a customer-centric approach requires inspiring leadership. In this category, the UK’s most prominent CX leaders will compete by showing how their stewardship has taken their organisations to new levels of success. In this category, professionals may nominate themselves, companies may put forward employees and suppliers may recommend clients.