Reinventing customer experience for your business

In order to compete in todays market, every successful business needs to approach its customer experience effort anew and redefine it.', ' Do you want to improve your customer experience but aren't sure how? We have compiled five effective ways to approach CX anew and offer your customers much more. Enjoy the read.

Start with a new conversation with your customers, to learn where they are now

How long has it been since you spoke to your customers? Do you know exactly how they feel about your company? It's essential to maintain regular communication with the customers and even set up new communications channels. Introduce a chatbot, create a forum section on the website where customers can ask questions, and become more active on social media: responding to comments, asking questions, engaging with other people's content, etc.

But why stop there? There are so many more things you can add to improve communication with your customers. You can conduct surveys, asking questions relevant to your business. Also, you can create a closed Facebook group (they are still very effective) and post exclusive content for members' access only. This will allow them to open up and talk more about their interests.

Personalise the interactions with your customers

If you don't treat your customers as individuals, chances are they won't feel special and cherished. As a result of this, they will go elsewhere, and you will gradually lose a huge chunk of your audience. Luckily, you can avoid this scenario by personalising the entire journey for your customers.

Whenever you can, address each customer by their name (for example, when sending an email). Also, send them only contextual content, i.e. relevant to their interests, be it promotional offers, special discounts, holiday sales, etc. And if there is an issue or a problem that needs to be resolved, don't send generic messages/emails/notifications. Instead, tailor a unique message that is honest and human. This will help your customers feel they are cared for and taken care of.

Reward and encourage customer loyalty

There is probably no better form of marketing than word of mouth. When someone trusts you, they will talk about your products/services whenever they have a chance. The best way to encourage word of mouth is by rewarding customer loyalty.

If you want to have loyal customers, you need to offer them a reason to trust your business. You can do this by creating unique benefits and incentives for your regular audience. It can be a whole range of benefits, from free tickets to events and gift baskets to loyalty cards and cashback deals. Doing this will promote loyalty to your business and, in turn, result in more happy, loyal customers!

Provide stellar mobile experience

In this day and age, having a mobile-friendly website is not just an option – it's a requirement. More and more people access the website only via mobile; therefore, it's crucial to optimise for mobile phones.

With the help of a good web designer and developer, you will have a mobile-friendly website that will facilitate the journey for your customers. Make sure all the aspects of design and text and presented in a clear, visible way that is intuitiveand easy to navigate. And if you want to add to the overall customer experience, you can also create a mobile app for your business and thus personalise it even more. Customers will appreciate how they can choose between accessing a mobile-friendly website and an app (more choices = more freedom).

Manage, track and quantify how well you deliver customer experience in a consistent way

If you want a new, improved customer experience for your audience, you will have to track your results and tweak the processes as you go along. Without tracking results, there won't be any real improvements in the long term. Set your KPIs (key performance indicators) and follow them week by week. Tie the KPIs to specific, measurable goals for the month, quarter, year, etc.

Also, don't shy away from customer complaints. Only weak businesses do that. Instead, encourage customers to make complaints because that is a good way to pinpoint the problems in your business. Track these complaints and resolve the issues they address. This will help you follow your progress and gradual improvements.