Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be at Wembley

Experience the excitement of an in-person event

After two years of lockdown, we're excited to bring the UK CXA® back to "life", with the Finals and Ceremony taking place at Wembley on October 12.

Our live online awards have been a great success, but for those wishing to attend an in-person event, UK CXA '22 will bring back that particular kind of magic that only Awards International can deliver.

People have been impatient to return to an in-person event, meet other attendees and fellow finalists, and rejoice in the shared celebration. And who can blame them?

Network with peers, business partners and potential clients

The awards are a perfect place to forge new business connections and bring more attention to your company. It's all about connecting with good people from the CX world and thriving with them!

At Wembley, you'll network with decision-makers from other companies, industries and verticals, and find out what the latest trends and developments in CX are - so that you can always be on the breach. You will also meet prospective clients or establish successful collaboration with peers.

Learn from companies leading the field in UK's customer experience

Watch the open presentations and learn from the finalists' best practices. All shortlisted companies (including yourself) have achieved remarkable customer experience results, which is why they are at the awards – so there's no better place to exchange knowledge!

All open presentations guide you through the full shortlisted initiative, from the challenge they faced, the solution, their stakeholder engagement, the innovation and creativity that went into the process – all the way to the impacts and benefits of the whole initiative.

Honour your CX efforts and celebrate with your team

UK CXA is perfect for team building. You've worked hard all year to achieve your goals and delight your customers; now it's time to honour that! A gala event makes for a fantastic occasion for dressing up, celebrating with your team, and showing them how much you value them.

Being at the awards with all your fellow finalists will also allow your team to grasp the full magnitude of their own achievements and feel validated for their efforts. And remember: you will be part of a select elite of UK CX leaders - Don't you feel dizzy already?

Enjoy a lavish ceremony and revel in the party afterwards

On October 12, you will enjoy a black-tie ceremony, with a sumptuous, all-inclusive three-course dinner and great entertainment. And once the Overall Winner is announced, it's party time!

In the best UK CXA traditions, the Ceremony we be followed by a swell party for you to have fun and dance the night away with your team and all our guests.

See you there!

Join the UK Customer Experience Awards '22 and get a chance to be recognised for your outstanding results across the industry!