RCI Financial Services

Category: Learning & Development
Won: Bronze

When the country went into lockdown, RCI Financial Services needed to make immediate changes to day-to-day business, including their learning and development process. Their initial response in Customer Service was to pull in support from areas that would otherwise have been furloughed. Their Credit and Lending team were provided training on how to respond to customer queries regarding payment holidays, ensuring they stay up to date with the changes being made by the regulators and guideline changes from the Government. It was essential for the team to meet the service-level performance that was expected and the quality standards the customers needed. They achieved an average of 4.7 out of 5 for customer satisfaction, along with all contact channels staying optimal and with all the expected KPIs.

Brenntag UK and Ireland (in association with B2B International)

Category: B2B Customer Experience
Won: Gold

In 2021, Brenntag changed their Customer Strategy to focus more readily on insights and feedback. They gathered insights and feedback in the 5 years in which they had been implementing Service Excellence. They began a series of workshops for customer journey mapping, attended by senior management and different leads across all functions including operations, sales, HR, customer services and finance. The team used these workshops to map and measure internally the performance across various customer touchpoints. They achieved the highest NPS by that point with the rolling year NPS reaching +39 and the quarter at +60. This resulted in the highest number of new customers ever, selling record numbers of new products and the best customer retention rate/lowest churn in the company's history.

Insite Energy Ltd.

Category: Customer Experience for SMEs
Won: Gold

By the time Insite Energy should have been enjoying their position of an established player in a prospering market sector, their customer satisfaction was extremely low. They set out to reverse this by embarking on an overarching digital transformation project, led by a new Client Service Director, who identified big underlying issues: office location, poor lengthy processes, aging systems, lacking people skills, insufficient training, and a negative organisational culture. Over six-months, the initiative was delivered on-time and under budget. They reduced overhead of ~100k/annum, achieved 55% reduction in customer call volumes and reduced average call-wait time from 9-minutes to 53-seconds. They also got one hundred fewer complaints annually, and introduced innovative tech such as the live web-chat functionality and electronic bills, to enhance customers' experiences.

Octopus Energy

Category: Best Customer Service - Up to 5,000 Employees
Won: Gold

Octopus Energy launched in 2016 determined to deliver greener energy to a growing customer base. Staying close to customers enabled them to act fast and meet the new needs during the pandemic. Their agile-working model helped the transition to remote overnight; their unique team structure allowed customers to easily reach the same advisors and receive world-class customer service across preferred platforms. This brought in the following results in 2020/21: Customer Happiness of 79%, 4.8/5-star Trustpilot ratings for Best in Industry, and NPS score of +57. While many organisations had problems keeping their staff, in 2020 Octopus Energy had an influx of new talent. Additionally, they launched well-received health & wellbeing initiatives for employees and their families, winning a Top 5 Glassdoor rating for work-life balance across all industries.

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