Success Stories of 2021 - Four Previous Winners VOL.3

Here are four fantastic CX initiatives from last year's UK CXA®. Study them to get inspired on your own journey to recognition at the awards!

Virgin Money

Bronze winner
Category: Financial Services

Since 2020, through the implementation of their CX framework, Virgin Money have successfully equipped colleagues to see, understand and empathise with customers (700+ colleagues have access to real-time customer feedback ). Based on their lead CX metric, Smile Scores, Smile Celebration emails are instantly sent to colleagues in response to excellent customer feedback. The team are also enabled to deliver exquisite CX through the rollout of CX capability development initiatives. Furthermore, a CX Influencer Forum was launched to ensure the colleagues are closer to the customers.

Virgin Money achieved a 40% expansion of their CX network to over 1,000 colleagues directly engaged in helping customers, with 2,000+ smile score celebrations sent monthly. Moreover, 69% of staff agree they are visibly committed to delighting the customers, and CX working groups have delivered 60 insight-led actions resulting in a monthly complaint reduction of 24%, equating to a six-figure monthly cost saving.


Gold winner
Category: Customer-Centric Culture - SME

ClassForKids decided to change their reporting cycle and the entire rhythm of their business, to become better aligned with the customers. They implemented a new reporting cycle, moving from quarterly reports to match our customers' 'Termly' cycles (every 4 months). To support the shift, they introduced Term themes and goals across the company. They also conducted large data investigation to reveal 'best fit' customer both for how well the product met their needs and the potential size of the market. Additionally, they developed an online Customer Resource Hub with high-quality advice, guides, and video courses, to help customers' businesses grow and improve further.

As a result, they've created a culture focused on growth and excellence, with a deep understanding of the customers. ClassForkids continue to double their growth year on year, adding new business users faster than before, becoming a household name with over 800,000 parents now using the platform to book and pay for kids' classes.

East Midlands Railway

Gold winner
Category: Best Use of Insight and Feedback - Customers Voice

EMR carried out a large-scale project to create an insight-driven Customer Experience Strategy. Five weeks after the launch of the CX Strategy, the UK was part of the global pandemic. Their Customer Service Centre was overwhelmed with refund requests. Realising that what they knew about customers had changed, EMR emailed a survey to every customer who booked a ticket. After closing the loop, they emailed customers who scored them low to understand more about their experience. They aligned their CX with operational data and used it for an action plan across the whole business.

The results came almost immediately: a 40-point increase in Net Promoter Score (from 7 to 48), an increase in Overall Satisfaction with Journey by 7%, over 8000 positive customer comments about the quality of the experience, and a staff engagement score increase by 18%. They also reduced customer complaints by 40% (pro-rate with 2019 figures).


Silver winner
Category: Contact Centre - Small

When the pandemic broke, XLN's customer service was faced with a major challenge. However, with quick innovation, good leadership and remarkable work ethic, they not only coped but prospered and also helped their customers thrive. XLN responded to the challenge by moving sales staff into service roles and upskilling more than 100 staff members to use Live Chat on social platforms. They introduced highly innovative new services like XLN@Home - which facilitated the transfer of business telecoms to home premises. In addition to this, they provided proactive assistance for businesses in danger of defaulting on their contracts.

These changes ensured that the service levels never dropped, despite unprecedented demand - with 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot (and more than 9,000 5-star reviews). With their proactive approach, XLN achieved record customer retention levels, and an average call answer time of 6.2 seconds, which is the same as it was pre-pandemic.

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