Interview With Kristina Simonovic, Our Senior Awards Consultant

1. How would you reflect on the UK CXA® journey so far?

As the first CX awards that we launched, UK CXA® has definitely become a recognisable name in the industry, not just in the UK but beyond. I'm happy to see so many companies entering our awards year after year and competing for the top accolades at the finals. It's a great feeling to have such incredible organisations wanting to compete - and win! And the programme is garnering even more interest this year, which is lovely.

2. What do companies cherish the most at these awards?

A key element, I would say, is the transparency of the entire process, from submitting the initiative to receiving a Feedback Report from the judges after the event. Our scoring criteria are the same for all, and our judges score each initiative objectively. Companies that take part in our awards know that if they win, the result will be fair. We work really hard at this, to ensure our awards have the highest credibility possible.

3. How would you describe the shift in the previous two years?

It definitely wasn't easy; we had our own set of challenges to overcome. When the pandemic struck, we had to switch to online events, but I'm glad to say we managed to pull it off! Last year's UK CXA® was held fully online, but it was still a great success and the finalists were - if I may say - very happy with how we organised everything. That being said, I'm happy that we can go back to in-person events as well, because they are special in their own way. I mean, nothing can replace that excitement, right?

4. UK CXA® '22 is back at Wembley. What can people expect from this year's programme?

Well, first of all - yes - we are finally back to in-person programmes which is absolutely amazing! It's going to be so exciting meeting our finalists live and learning from the leaders of customer experience in the UK. I'm happy that people will be able to meet and network together, and have a great time at the ceremony (no replacement for that, really). We also have an updated set of categories to reflect the newest trends, showcasing various aspects of CX excellence.

5. Why would you recommend joining the awards?

Because this is a perfect way to get recognised for your company achievements, bring more attention to your business and celebrate with your colleagues. All our programmes, including UK CXA®, maintain a high level of professional standards, from the way we organise the event to the assessment of each entry. Our scoring criteria are the same for all, and our judges are established professionals in their given fields. This guarantees that, if you win, it's because you really deserve it. Your triumph at the awards is a triumph for your entire organisation and your whole team.

Do you have a success story worthy of recognition? If yes, consider submitting your initiative and joining this year's UK CXA®. Learn more about the event here: