4 CX Trends to Know and Follow in 2022

All the winners at our awards are successful because they keep on learning and developing. They are up to date with the current practices and new trends in customer experience, making good use of them to improve business.

To help you prepare for this year's challenges, we have written about four significant CX trends in 2022. Study them well and apply the findings to your business plans and goals to advance customer experience.

Net promoter score is increasingly important

Although it cannot be considered the only factor behind improving CX, more and more companies are coming to appreciate the importance of NPS. With customer expectations constantly growing, businesses increasingly realise that customer loyalty is still massively underrated in CX performance, which means that NPS will play an even more significant role in the future.

Companies steer clear of "poor-fit" customers

The time when companies tried to reach as many customers as possible - regardless of the fit - is over. In an effort to improve their services, companies are now moving away from "poor-fit" customers in favour of those who are a good fit. Why? Because keeping poor-fit customers is simply not worth the investment; it makes more sense to focus on those customers who are actually aligned with your brand.

Research moves beyond generic surveys

In order to find out what customers think and what they really want, you cannot rely on generic surveys. Simply put, the information gained from these broad surveys is much less helpful than what you can get from personalised approaches. This is why more and more companies are ditching the old model and obtaining more granular insights by asking specific, relevant questions.

Employee loyalty is aligned with good CX

If a company wants to take good care of its customers and retain them, it first needs to cherish its employees and boost their loyalty. With the Great Resignation sweeping across the global employment market, businesses understand that happy, satisfied employees are a precondition to good customer experience. In the coming year, companies will redouble their efforts to retain employees and improve their well-being.

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