Success Stories of 2021 - Four Previous Winners VOL.2

NHS Scotland (in partnership with ServiceNow)

NHS Scotland was at the forefront of the response to COVID-19. But early in the pandemic, they realised their existing processes weren't sufficient for helping citizens and government. Therefore, they decided to adopt a new citizen-centric, data-driven and agile-based strategy.

In partnership with ServiceNow, NHS Scotland created a new citizen portal enabling easy 24/7 self-service, and coordinated the management of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). They developed an effective tracing system for citizens exposed to COVID-19 (delivered in just 4 weeks), while their Vaccine Administration Management took care of complex logistical issues. All this significantly contributed to the overall fight against the dreadful effects of the pandemic in Scotland.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

As of 2020/21, FSCS's main goal has been strengthening every touchpoint in the employee experience lifecycle. They knew that the only way to help the customers (especially when the pandemic struck) was to help and empower their staff, who were facing an unprecedented situation.

FSCS planned and delivered an effective management strategy that was focused on supporting all staff members during lockdown, but their approach also brought tangible benefits in the months that followed. They engaged colleagues at every level, enhancing and promoted wellbeing, and ensuring that the shift to remote working was as frictionless and stress-free as possible. This helped them achieve record NPS results, employee engagement scores, CSAT scores, and their best operational performance year to date.

Telefonica O2

With the onset of the pandemic, technology became even more of a lifeline - and O2 fully understood this. They made all the necessary changes, prioritising full visibility of impacts further on in the journey. This helped them ensure that the customers could get support, adjust their tariff, or remain connected to the network.

The process had its set of challenges, but O2 succeeded in keeping their customer service quality above 95 % throughout the pandemic. They also reduced their YOY/YTD complaints by more than one fifth and responded within two weeks to the FCA's requirement to offer three-month payment holidays - which 36,000 customers accepted.

Unibail Rodamco Westfield (in partnership with Ethos Farm)

In 2019, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield asked Ethos Farm to come up with a CX strategy and develop customer-focused learning and development at Westfield London and Stratford City. They produced a CX strategy that focused on celebrating diversity, inclusion and equality.

This comprised Mandatory Social Inclusion Training for all employees and contractors, disability advocacy and auditing of the customer journey, transparent face masks, Companion Cane, sign language lessons for all Guest Services staff, plans for an Autism-friendly centre, plus socially distanced and monitored seating and calm sensory spaces. The strategy also included support for Black History Month with bespoke pop-up Art Galleries, support for LGBTQ+ Pride with rainbow-branded events and boosted employment in the local community.

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