What's holding back your CX transformation? (3 common problems)

CX transformation includes all the processes directed towards improving a company's structure, technology, internal operations, and values to offer a better customer experience across the board.

Every such transformation aims to result in a more effective model of delivering exquisite customer experience in the long term. But sometimes, a CX transformation doesn't move along as planned, and the results lag behind.

Why is that so?

In this article, we will point out three common problems that might be blocking your CX transformation. By solving them, you will have a much easier time transforming your organisation for a better customer experience.

  1. Your efforts are not aligned with your business goals If you want to make the best out of your CX transformation, you need to align your day-to-day efforts with your overall goals. This includes your monthly goals, yearly goals, as well as your goals in the long term.

Also, it would help if you segmented the work on your transformation according to each group of goals. For example, decide that you want to improve X because it will result in a Y number of happy customers at the end of the year. This is a yearly goal, and all your efforts should go in that direction.

On the other hand, if you want to reinforce your brand in the next few months, or even weeks (this can also be rebranding), you will need to focus on a different set of tasks to achieve that goal.

As the saying goes, it's not just about working hard; it's also about working smart. So, before continuing your CX transformation, make sure that your efforts are segmented according to specific, detailed, and measurable goals and create tasks for achieving those goals.

  1. Your employees aren't getting the proper training The company will only move ahead if the employees understand why specific changes are taking place, why they are necessary for business and how they will help employees work better.

Your CX transformation might be so complex that many of your employees will feel a bit lost and confused. Therefore, the most important thing is to help them see the big picture and know how they fit in.

This is the time to leverage the power of your HR department. The HR people should give your employees proper training, explaining (in great detail) everything about the current CX transformation.

Thus, your employees would better understand all the CX processes and work with the customers much better. This will help them feel more confident in the workplace, and they will also be less stressed.

  1. You're not using the correct customer data You will never improve customer experience in your organisation unless you are using the correct data. This is why it's essential to track all your results across all your communication channels and be in touch with your customers.

For example, it's not enough to focus on the number of your subscribers. Having many subscribers is good, no problem with that, but this is not enough because you cannot leverage that data.

Instead, focus on how many subscribers you have with a good net promoter score (NPS). Also, don't simply focus on the sheer number of followers on your Facebook page; instead, focus on those followers with a high customer satisfaction rate (CSAT).

In other words, focus on the data that gives you quality, not just quantity, because it is in the quality data where your genuine CX improvement lies. And when you make use of the correct data, it will be much easier to perform a successful CX transformation.