Success Stories of 2021 - Four Previous Winners

Aspen Healthcare - Business Change and Transformation

Back in March 2020, when the pandemic struck, Aspen was asked by the NHS to commit its workforce, facilities and life-saving equipment to address the new situation and respond to the challenges. It was an enormous undertaking, but their fantastic team showed great strength in the face of adversity. And they achieved remarkable results. They completely repurposed their business to support the NHS, delivering +63,000 NHS patient operations and +20,000 virtual consultations, along with providing 75 life-saving ventilators for Covid patients. In addition to this, they sent 38 clinical staff to work in NHS hospitals and put forward 100 volunteers for Nightingale Hospitals.

Vanarama - Digital Transformation

With their digital transformation initiative, Vanarama shapes the future of the industry by staying faithful to their values: If it's right for our customers, it's right for us. Vanarama invested heavily into their online customer experience, focused on making their customers' lives easier.

Their AI-powered chatbot generated more than 10, 000 leads and quoted 11,500 leads on more than 25,000 vehicles with 1121 vehicles sold. Also, they introduced other tools and functions that help customers choose the best vehicle according to their preferences and show them with the likelihood of passing credit. Now, the majority of Vanarama's sales come straight from online orders.

ACF Technologies - Best Use of Technology

At the start of the pandemic, ACF Technologies responded to the nationwide initiative for the COVID-19 testing programme by helping with the booking of over 300,000 appointments per hour. Once they were successfully selected, they collaborated closely with the UK government project team and constructed a solution within four weeks. Several months after the testing programme, ACF offered their expertise once again; they provided the booking solution for carrying out the vaccination. Within the following four weeks, the team came up with a solution that met all the requirements, thus facilitating the vaccination booking for performance and stability.

YODEL - Outsourcing

Being among the leading parcel carriers in the UK, Yodel decided to create a customer experience journey that will match their customers' specific needs and expectations. For this, they needed a clearly defined digital strategy to transform their customer interactions. They replaced standalone legacy systems and streamlined existing journeys and processes, building new technical solutions. With their partners at Webhelp, they moved to a more proactive approach to managing contact and delivery since the start of the pandemic. The partnership resulted in demonstrated flexibility, clear decision-making and the right balance of people and technology after streamlining the existing processes and proactively engaging with customers.

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