5 things you should know about this year's UKCXA

Are you ready for this year's UKCXA? We cannot wait for it, as there will be so many cool things happening throughout the Awards Finals and Ceremony! We're humbled that so many amazing organisations decided to enter and compete for the accolades, proving that challenging times can indeed bring out the best in people. And make us stronger.

UK CX awards have always been one of our strongest programmes, ever since we started our journey. Over the last decade and a half, we've seen so many great companies joining us, entering and achieving great heights. But the most rewarding aspect is witnessing how our awards community grows and improves, year after year.

More and more organisations are recognising the potential of entering awards programmes, especially those organised by Awards International. We will never take these things for granted, striving to get better with each new awards programme we launch.

In preparation for this year's UK customer experience awards, we wanted to bring your attention to the highlights of the whole event. Here are five things that you should know about UKCXA21.

The awards gained a lot of interest When the pandemic struck, it was not easy adjusting to the "new normal" and responding to all the challenges ahead. However, due to the hard work from all our employees - the proverbial dream team - we managed to come out stronger than before.

Last year, at UKCXA20, we had more than 60 companies as finalists, but we surpassed that by a lot this year. At UKCXA21, we will have more than 80 companies as finalists! We're immensely proud of this accomplishment, and we're happy that the awards have garnered so much interest from successful companies across various industries.

The awards will be a two-day event Since we have so many finalists and so many bonus events for the Finals and the Ceremony, we divided the event into two days. The Awards Finals will take place on October 7th and the Awards Ceremony one week later, on October 14th.

During the Awards Finals, our finalists will have the opportunity to present their initiatives to the judging panels (there will also be bonus events throughout the day, see below). And at the Awards Ceremony, we will network with all the participants and guests, present the winners in each category and celebrate together!

We have top business people as judges In order to ensure fair and professional judging for all our finalists, Awards International always invites esteemed business people to join our judging panel and assess each entry and presentation in-depth.

All the judges have a lot of experience and expertise in their line of work. Many of them have judged at our events more than 15 times and keep returning. This way, we can safely say that our awards programmes are among the most rigorous and objective, because only the best initiatives can win. And UKCXA21 is no exception! Meet this year's judges here:

We have partnered with esteemed organisations Awards international has joined forces with the Customer Experience professionals association (CXAP), our global partners in advancing CX, so that we can provide even more opportunities for CX professionals worldwide. We also have Capita as our gold sponsor and our friends at the Customer Experience Magazine, Cranfield School of Management, Kantar and European Customer Consultancy as partners.

We have also have partnered with Barnardo's, a children's charity dedicated to transforming the lives of the UK's most vulnerable youngsters. Awards International will remain dedicated to helping others in every way we can. Because only together we can truly win. If you'd like to learn more about our sponsors and partners this year, visit:

The Awards Finals and Ceremony will be packed with bonus events Our awards have always been characterised by fun, bonus content throughout the finals and ceremony. And this year, we're preparing something very, very special. Since the awards are a two-day event, it means we have even more room for fun, engaging content!

On the day of the finals, we will be streaming live from CX TV for the first time ever. This is a brand-new concept we're introducing, and we're so hyped up! Throughout the day, many of our previous judges, winners, hosts and friends of the awards will interview their guests on the pressing topics from the CX world. You will go for a ride on the CXM time machine, learn winning CX stories from previous years, hear CX stories from our judges, and much, much more...Be sure to tune in!

And on the day of the ceremony, we will have our traditional CXTrendTalks™ sessions and panel discussions as a warm-up for the gala event in the evening. We're truly honoured to have so many esteemed CX people as our guests, and we invite you to join us for this year's celebration of top customer experience efforts in the UK.

See you at the awards!