How Will the Winners at UKCXA21 Be Promoted?

When a company wins an accolade at the UK Customer Experience Awards, it is not the end of their awards journey. We have more than one way to promote our winners - because they deserve it!

It's a long journey from sending an application to being announced as a winner at the Awards Ceremony. Preparing the relevant information and writing the entry takes time, and it's pretty stressful having to wait for the day finalists are announced.

And then, when you find out that you've been shortlisted, you have to wait for the Awards Finals - and prepare well for your presentation. This, again, is stressful in its own way. As the famous song goes, "It's a long way to the top".

When you hear your company's name announced as one of the winners, it's an exhilarating moment, for sure - but a fleeting moment as well. That is why we're determined to give our winners so much more!

Getting an award for your efforts is no small feat, and you have all the more reason for spreading the word about your achievement.

If you become a winner at UKCXA21, rest assured that you will be promoted well after the Awards Ceremony. Here are five ways in which we will promote our awards winners:

1. We will announce all the winners on our social media

On the day of the Awards Ceremony, we will post the names of each category winner in real time, as they are announced - and tag them - on our LinkedIn and Twitter. The following day, we will publish a reminder post with a link to the winners' page on the awards website.

2. We will send an email update to our large subscriber base

After the awards are over, we will include the link to the winners' page and the updates from the ceremony in our regular CX bulletin, sent weekly to our vast community of subscribers. Our subscribers include judges, sponsors, partners, as well as present and future finalists of CX awards.

3. Winners will have a chance to be interviewed for CXM

Customer Experience Magazine has become a household name in the CX world, with leading professionals and CX practitioners contributing regularly. Our winners can give an interview for the magazine, talking about their awards journey, their impressions of the Awards Finals and Ceremony and their business results.

4. We will publish a blog about the ceremony highlights

In the days following the Awards Ceremony, our content team will write an in-depth blog with all the ceremony highlights, and we will promote the blog on our social media and via our weekly newsletter. The blog will mention all the key takeaways, describe how the ceremony went along - and it will link to the winners' page on the awards website.

5. Finalists will be interviewed for our Awards Limelight series

For our upcoming content series, we will have talks with our awards winners (in video form) and allow them to spread the word about their win and the experience at the awards. This will be a unique opportunity for the winners to take the floor once again and share their impressions.

See you at the awards!