About the Awards

10 years of celebrating customer experience excellence!

The UK Customer Experience Awards has grown exponentially to become the biggest CX event of its kind in the world. In 2019 the awards continue to recognise those inspiring organisations who are striving to enhance their customer experience in many innovative ways. This year the awards are bigger and better than ever as the event is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

The awards are unique in that the finalists also present their entry live on the day of the finals to a panel of independent judges, ensuring the fairest and most transparent scoring process possible. The UKCXA has been accredited with the prestigious Gold Awards Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council.



recognition and celebrate your hard work and achievements


your profile and promote your business to potential new customers


your workplace morale and encourage further innovation


your network and connect with other influential business leaders


your insight into best practice and learn from fellow professionals


your business model with a benchmarked judge’s report

Who can enter the CXA?

Anyone who cares about their customers, has implemented initiatives to improve their customer experience and achieved tangible results from the initiatives they implemented. Small and large organisations, B2B and B2C, public sector and private, have the chance to do well. Everything you have done for your customers really matters - you should be recognised for it.

Who Wins the Awards?

Led by our experience from all of our Awards Programmes, we're excited that the Awards grant the equal chances of winning to big businesses and SMEs alike! The only thing that matters is the initiative you have developed. Our scoring criteria is public, and, on the day of the finals, all finalists present their written entry live to the judges, the independent and impartial business professionals who will provide feedback reports to help you understand how you benchmark against others in your category. If you don’t take the prize, it will not be because of the size of your company.

What kinds of initiatives can enter the CXA? To be revised after categories decided

There is no right answer to this question as all initiatives are individual and special. Anything you have done that is unique to your business or industry and gave you impressive results when it comes to your customer experience should be nominated. If your customers are happy and you can prove it by putting it into writing and backing it up with the results, you are only a few steps away of getting a well-deserved recognition.



31st May 2019


28th June 2019


11th July 2019


10th October 2019


You will be guided and supported throughout the awards journey by a dedicated awards consultant who will be there to help with everything you need, from the best categories to enter to how to write and present your entry. We are also providing many free online resources including winner’s case studies and informative webinars, as well as helping you enhance your profile via our social media and online media partner Customer Experience Magazine.


Step 1

Choose the best categories that showcase your customer experience initiatives

Step 2

Nominate your initiative and receive access to the Online Portal where you can submit your Entry Form. Enjoy free resources including case studies, articles, and webinars held by awards experts

Step 3

Write and submit your entry with the support of our free case studies and join our free webinars

Step 4

Hear if your inspiring CX strategy has been shortlisted by the panel of our most prominent judges

Step 5

Secure your place at the highly anticipated awards finals and prepare for the event

Step 6

Enjoy a fantastic day of networking and hopefully winning at the exciting awards finals

Step 7

Receive a feedback report with competitors scores and judges comments

We have modified our categories to suit every organisation.
Which one is the best for you?